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Shell acquires EGO S.r.l.

EGO S.r.l., a company active in intelligent energy management, was acquired by Shell Italia Holding S.p.A., a company controlled by Shell plc.

On 14 September 2023 Shell announced the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of EGO S.r.l. and on 6 October 2023 the operation was successfully concluded. Shell’s strategy and investments aim to generate and manage energy efficiently and reduce emissions, with an integrated vision that ranges from generation to trading up to the consumption of its customers. EGO has always been an innovative operator capable of optimizing energy production and consumption, through specific skills in the digital, technological and commercial fields, with a focus on generation from renewable, distributed and efficient sources. The combination of EGO’s know-how and characteristics with Shell’s financial strength and global vision creates a complete energy operator, capable of stimulating and truly implementing energy innovation in Italy and Southern Europe.

About EGO

The history of EGO as a protagonist of the energy markets begins in 2011 in Genoa, with the creation of the first “digital” energy operator, i.e. capable of combining operations on the energy and environmental markets with the provision of advanced energy services through an ” data-driven”. Over the years, EGO has invested in innovative technologies to support the new energy paradigm: decarbonised, distributed and digital and has effectively positioned itself among the leaders of the sector in Italy. Today the group operates as an energy trader specialized in the management of PPAs and dispatching (BRP) with a portfolio of over 1,500 plants throughout Italy, for a nominal power of approximately 2,000 MW and dispatched physical production of over 3 TWh per year. Furthermore, it operates as an aggregator (BSP) in the new capacity and flexibility markets, managing over 250 MW of generation and consumption units in a “demand-response” and “VPP” (Virtual Power Plants Operator) logic.

Statements from the founders of EGO

Ing. Carlo Corallo, CEO of EGO

“The acquisition of EGO by Shell confirms the original intuition of the business model based on the new paradigm of widespread generation, in which an operator such as EGO places itself at the center of the optimization strategy of distributed energy resources to provide a quality service to the electricity system and to facilitate digital transformation also in the energy sector. As before and more than before, we will focus on increasing EGO’s presence on the Italian market and on expanding into neighboring markets by exporting our technology and leveraging the broad base of commercial relationships that cover the entire supply chain, from project development companies to new renewable generation, to the multitude of independent producers, up to large energy consumers interested in planning a rational and sustainable use of their energy needs. “

Ing. Stefano Cavriani, Sales Director of EGO

“We are particularly satisfied to have completed the operation with one of the most important energy companies in the world. Shell’s choice demonstrates the quality of EGO’s business model and the quality of EGO’s technical and commercial structure, the result of over a decade of intense and passionate work. The Italian market needed an operator that combined the strong specialization and professionalism of EGO with the global vision and financial strength of a world leader like Shell. We think we can offer very competitive solutions both in the PPA field and in the flexibility and valorization services of energy assets, addressing both producers and industrial consumers.”

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