Group history

EGO is a leading player in the energy markets, with a history that has tracked the major opportunities presented by technological advancements and the various stages of the electricity market liberalization.
The story of EGO began in 2011, giving rise to the first Italian “digital” operator, capable of combining operations in the energy and environmental markets with the provision of advanced energy services through a “data-driven” approach.

Over the years, it has invested in innovative technologies to support the new energy paradigm: decarbonized, distributed, and digital.

Today, the group manages over 1,500 facilities with a nominal power of 2,000 MW, dispatching a physical production of over 3 TWh per year. It also participates in the new realms of capacity and flexibility, aggregating over 250 MW of distributed generation and consumption sources, following the paradigm of the Virtual Power Plants Operator.

On 14 September 2023 Shell announced the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of EGO S.r.l. and on 6 October 2023 the operation was successfully concluded.

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