Guarantees of origin

Over 25 Twh of guarantee origin hands of led on the market

Market knowledge, technological know-how, and reliability underpin our rise to become the main Italian trader of green certificates and a leader in the trading of guarantees of origin.

Who are our services for?

  • Are you a producer of energy from renewable sources (wind, solar, hydroelectric) interested in selling guarantees of origin produced by your plant?
  • Are you an investment fund interested in building a new solar-power plant without incentives?
  • Are you a trader or broker in environmental certificates (energy efficiency licenses, guarantees of origin and CO2 allowances) interested in developing bilateral swaps?

What we offer

Guarantees of origin

Guarantees of origin are the only instrument with which to certify the use of green energy and contribute to the business plans of new market-parity plants. For every MWh coming from guarantee of origin-recognised plants, Italy’s energy services authority (GSE) awards a certificate that can be traded on the Italian and/or European market. The European market has seen significant growth in recent years in terms of both volume and prices – driven partly by continued demand for green energy throughout Europe.

We support our clients in their trading and deriving maximum benefit from their guarantees of origin, right from obtaining guarantee of origin-recognised status to setting up long-term deals for the purchase of certificates with spot or forward agreements.

The activities involved in qualifying for the production plant guarantee of origin system – and consequently the full and timely exploitation of certificates issued – are an integral part of the energy purchase contracts we offer our clients.

How we work

We are active traders on the national and international platforms, and we have partners operating across Europe to help take full advantage of the value of guarantees of origin. Our market experience and digital platforms mean we can manage administrative requirements simply and effectively, making it easy and cost-effective for our clients to access the benefits from guarantees of origin.