Owners of industrial cogeneration plants

Generating value from plant energy

Optimal management of a cogeneration plant seeks to improve profitability by acting on several variables, starting with the purchase of gas through to optimising the plant to avoid waste and inefficiencies that can develop over time. To this should be added the possibility of exploiting any excess energy on the dispatching services market for a financial return.

Who are our services for?

Energy-intensive industrial businesses

The importance of cogeneration to electric energy production and heat used to power industrial processes is amply confirmed in a study by Milan’s Polytechnic University. It found that of the overall 2.4 billion euros spent on energy efficiency in 2018, cogeneration was second in the list of measures, with 443 million euros of investment. To recoup the significant investment over the planned timeframe, careful and constant monitoring is required. This should take into account the main variables of the production plant, as well as the energy parameters, to ensure efficiency and savings do not fall over time.

Energy Service Companies

Companies that offer energy efficiency services with guaranteed results, they are often owners of cogeneration plants for their clients and bound by an energy service contract. As a way of improving these companies’ profitability, the sale of excess electric energy produced is an opportunity to seriously consider.

What we offer

  • Demand Response
  • White certificates
  • Energy efficiency
  • Natural gas for cogeneration