Medium and large companies

Dynamic monitoring for optimising energy spending

Analysis by Milan’s Polytechnic University shows that company investments in energy efficiency by companies are increasingly made alongside investments in digital energy, thus falling under smart manufacturing measures to boost energy efficiency. EGO’s monitoring service is based on an advanced technology platform that gives companies a dynamic view of energy variables, allowing them to check at any time financial losses arising from inefficient management, continuously optimise white certificate requests, and take advantage of any excess energy on the dispatching market.

Who are our services for?

Industrial businesses

Large companies have significant energy challenges, ranging from the impact of energy variables on their bottom line, to improving their sustainability footprint. To meet these challenges, they need a partner with both a complete overview of the energy variable and a deep knowledge of production cycles and the impact energy has on them. An energy-monitoring system connected to the production plant’s SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system is essential to give a complete, integrated view of the impact of energy on company costs.

Large-scale distribution companies

In the new energy market, companies operating in large-scale distribution will play a leading role: the evolution of electric mobility and the opportunity of supplying Demand Response services to the grid are significant challenges that can be overcome by working with competent and trustworthy partners across the whole energy supply chain.

Medium-size companies with high energy consumption

Medium-size companies have many opportunities for optimising their energy costs through modest investments that boost energy efficiency. In addition, they can benefit from disconnecting loads at certain times of the day, when the grid requires most energy, thereby receiving significant rewards in return.

What we offer

  • Energy efficiency
  • White certificates
  • Demand Response
  • Natural gas for cogeneration