Energy efficiency

Artificial intelligence to reduce consumption and boost sustainability

We are a qualified ESCO offering an integrated service to increase energy consumption efficiency. Machine learning algorithms combined with technical expertise in the energy sector and our knowledge of production cycles across the main industrial sectors allow us to monitor the essential variables in the production cycle in order to: optimise consumption; reduce spending on energy; highlight waste and inefficiency; and monitor the variables needed to compile a sustainability report.

Who are our services for?

  • Are you a company that wants to implement energy efficiency measures to obtain white certificates?
  • Do you own a high-performance cogeneration plant and want to maximise returns on white certificates?
  • Are you an energy-intensive industry, which, following Italian Legislative Decree 102, is required to monitor consumption to optimise energy savings?
  • Are you a business that wants to implement a consumption monitoring system to obtain ISO 50001?

What we offer

Energy efficiency projects

Using simulations and in-depth predictive analytics, we help our clients evaluate the actual costs/benefits of potential energy efficiency measures, informing management decisions on maximising financial returns. We draw up submissions to Italy’s energy services authority (GSE) for white certificates, follow energy efficiency projects through to completion, and help draw the maximum benefits from certificates achieved.

Monitoring platform

We have developed an integrated, artificial intelligence-based platform that tracks energy data in real time, enabling analysis to improve the management of the company’s energy consumption. The monitoring system can be linked to the company’s SCADA system to give a complete view of the impact of energy on performance, providing essential information to reduce energy costs.

White certificates, energy management system, and ISO 50001

Through an integrated approach to energy efficiency we certify savings achieved using enabling proprietary technologies in the field of Industry 4.0 and IoT. The data collected from monitoring are crucial for two reasons: firstly, they enable an evaluation of baseline consumption and the consequent award of energy efficiency certificates, and, secondly, they are prerequisites for an energy audit, an energy management system, and to achieve ISO 50001.

How we work

A monitoring platform based on artificial intelligence systems and our all-round expertise in the energy sector results in a complete view of the economic and environmental consequences resulting from energy variables. Our digital energy services boost plant efficiency, measure savings, reduce waste and inefficiency, optimise white certificate submissions, facilitate achieving ISO 50001 certification, and help exploit any excess energy on the dispatching services market (MSD).Through an integrated approach to energy efficiency we certify savings achieved using enabling proprietary technologies in the field of Industry 4.0 and IoT.