Water utilities

Energy efficiency in the integrated water system

Since Resolution 917 in December 2017 was introduced by the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA) and the new tariff system approved for the 2020-2023 period, there has been increased focus on the energy efficiency of companies that manage the integrated water service.

Who are our services for?

Integrated water service operators

Italian waterworks, chiefly due to the effect of leakages, have average energy consumption of 0.78 kWh per cubic metre of water, compared to the European average of 0.49 kWh per cubic
metre of water. The overall potential energy savings associated with the use of water in the Italian water network amounts to more than 3TWh (source: Energy & Strategy Group, Milan Polytechnic University).

The evolution of the tariff system requires investment in the measuring and monitoring of energy consumption to bring water services tariffs into line. Cognitive machine learning tools mean we can provide real-time analysis of operational data and support decisions around regulating energy and water consumption, identifying possibilities to optimise energy efficiency in plants.

What we offer

  • Energy efficiency
  • White certificates

Our references

Mantua-based TEA and CAP Group for securing incentives linked to energy efficiency measures