Greening Energy Market and Finance

EGO Energy, in close cooperation with EGO S.r.l., is a partner in the GrEnFIn project – Greening Energy Market and Finance– funded by European Commission under the ERASMUS+ Programme. The GrEnFIn project aims to provide the Energy Sector’s stakeholders professional experts on the Sustainable Energy Markets, i.e. European high skilled professionals capable to face the new changes occurring in the energy field with an inclusive global logic. The main expected results are the development of an innovative Joint Master Degree in Green Energy and Finance targeting young students, but also a Professional Module to train companies’ staff and experts already active in the labour market.
The role of companies in the GrEnFIn Alliance is crucial and structural in order to identify the specific needs and priorities of the job market and, consequently, to define the expected learning outcomes, the key competences and skills of the professional profiles to be developed. Ego Energy is the ideal representative of GrEnFIn target groups due to its area of expertise on green financial markets and its pioneer experience in the digital energy transition. The role of Ego Energy is mainly to contribute to the stakeholders’ consultation, validation and dissemination activities. Thanks to its connection to national networks, Ego Energy allows reaching several target groups able to provide information concerning the needs analysis. Moreover, Ego Energy contributes to the dissemination of the contents of the project among non-academic stakeholders and to the promotion of the professional modules.

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