Group structure

We put our clients at the heart of energy

Thanks to our persistent participation in major markets, the ability to develop and grow expertise internally, and our continuous search and selection of innovative solutions, we place our customers at the center to offer them an integrated service that contributes to the promotion of distributed energy and the development of energy efficiency.

Gruppo EGO - EGO Energy - EGO Data

EGO Energy

EGO Energy S.r.l. is a technological operator in the energy and efficiency markets, able to combine a deep understanding of market dynamics with the most advanced skills in the management of complex energy portfolios and processes. The company handles a significant volume of energy through the aggregation from multiple sources (over fifteen hundred renewable energy plants and co-generators), providing advanced innovative services for the optimized management of energy assets. Its clientele includes major renewable energy producers from all sources (photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind, biomass, biogas) and various industrial companies in energy-intensive sectors: paper, food, chemical-pharmaceutical, plastics, textiles, glass and steel, electricity producers, water managers.

EGO Energy in numbers: approximately 3,200,000 MWh of green energy dispatched each year, over 250 MW of modulatable power in flexibility and capacity markets, over 25 TWh of Origin Guarantees moved annually with peer-to-peer green supply chain certification, over 40,000 TOE saved each year through savings projects implemented for its customers.

EGO Data

Ego Data S.r.l. is the digital operator of the EGO Group, capable of managing big energy data to feed business processes through next-generation IT infrastructures. The implemented technological architecture is highly scalable and resilient, based on proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, and is open to the main industrial communication protocols for peer-to-peer and energy automation.

EGO Data in numbers: +1000 devices monitored in the field, +800,000 real-time data acquired every day, +20 million data acquired from external sources daily, +3000 complex processes executed every day.

Group history

EGO is a leading player in the energy markets, with a history that has tracked the major opportunities