Group structure

We put our clients at the heart of energy

With our longstanding market presence, our collective know-how, our robust financial position, and innovation, we put our clients at the heart of what we do, offering them an integrated service for distributed energy and increased efficiency.

EGO Energy

EGO Energy S.r.l. is an integrated energy market operator that combines deep knowledge of the energy markets with the most advanced expertise in energy efficiency and energy management. The company manages a significant volume of energy through aggregating multiple production plants (renewable sources and cogeneration), and provides innovative services for optimised energy asset management. Its clients include the leading renewable energy producers and a range of industrial companies operating in energy-intensive fields such as: papermaking, food and drink, chemical-pharmaceuticals, plastics, textiles, glass and steel, electric energy production, and water utilities.

EGO Energy at a glance: over 4 TWh per year in green energy dispatching, more than 250 MW of modular power on the dispatching services market (MSD), over 25 TWh of guarantees of origin handled every year, more than 40,000 white certificates produced a year.

EGO Data

Ego Data S.r.l. is the Group’s digital technology service provider, capable of managing millions of data points a day to power business processes with next-generation IT infrastructure. The technology architecture employed is highly scalable and resilient, based on proprietary artificial intelligence systems compatible with the principal industry communication protocols.

EGO Data at a glance: 900 on-site devices monitored, 800,000 data points received daily in real time, 20 million data points received daily from external sources, 3,000 complex process carried out daily.

EGO Venture

EGO Venture S.r.l. makes strategic investments through controlling or minority stakes in technology-focused businesses. EGO Venture’s mission is to boost the growth of innovative firms in the field of artificial intelligence and technologies supporting more sustainable industrial energy processes (cleantech). More information

Group history

The group has always played a central role in the energy markets, riding the wave of the opportunities