Corporate venture capital

Our innovation model

We have decided to carry out research for innovation through an agile Corporate Venture Capital model where we re-invest corporate profits to purchase shareholdings rich in high-tech content with a high-growth rate. Our areas of interest coincide with the strategic requirements of the group and range between digital technologies for the acquisition and real-time analysis of energy data, to artificial intelligence, IOT applications and electric mobility.

Our investment philosophy

We focus on companies with unique characteristics that distinguish themselves for both the entrepreneurial skills of its personnel and for the technologies that must be “disruptive” and capable of revolutionising current business paradigms. We purchase minority shares and we invest both in existing and innovative start-up enterprises that carry out projects with a high level of technological content.

We believe in projects and people and together we focus on realising the value of their technological bets thanks to our financial strength, our knowledge of the energy market and a well-tested operating investment model where we play an active role in providing administrative, commercial and operational support.

“We have always put innovation at the centre of our business”