Environmental certificates

We are among the market leaders in environmental certificates trading

Knowledge of the market, technological know-how and financial reliability are the keywords that brought us to become the first Italian service provider in the trading of Green Certificates and today we are a leader in the Guarantees of Origin (GO) and Energy Efficiency Titles (EET) trading.

Who are our services for?

  • Are you a producer of energy from renewable sources (wind, solar, hydroelectric) interested in selling guarantees of origin produced by your plant?
  • Are you the owner of a high-efficiency co-generation plant (HEC) interested in managing and trading EETs?
  • Are you an electricity and gas distribution company obliged to purchase energy efficiency titles?
  • Are you an electricity and gas distribution company obliged to purchase energy efficiency titles?

What we offer

Guarantees of origin

We support our clients in their trading and deriving maximum benefit from their guarantees of origin, right from obtaining guarantee of origin-recognised status to setting up long-term deals for the purchase of certificates with spot or forward agreements.

Energy efficiency certificates

We work on the EET trading market and establishing multi-annual contracts with a fixed price or indexed according to a Tariff-based Contribution. Moreover, with over 150,000 EET generated by our ESCO-related activities within the energy efficiency sector, we can provide a service that covers the several steps of an energy efficiency project.

Emission Trading (ET)

We work on the Emission Trading market by managing the purchase and sale of greenhouse gas emission quotas and working on the several international OTC platforms.

How we work

We operate on national and international environmental certificates trading platforms and we have active counterparties throughout Europe to maximise the trading value. Our market experience and our digital platforms enable us to manage all administrative procedures in a simple and effective way, providing our customers with an easy, economical access to environmental certificates.