One of the leading independent energy aggregators in Italy

We have worked for years in the sector relating to the dispatchment and trading of electricity produced from distributed energy sources, by renewables to cogeneration and biomass power plants and we have a portfolio of over 1,000 managed power plants, for a total of over 3 GW portfolio power capacity.

Who are our services for?

  • Are you a producer of energy from renewable sources (wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric power) interested in the direct sale of electricity produced by your power plant?
  • Are you the owner of a power generating plant such as an industrial co-generator and are you interested in taking part in the new ancillary services market?
  • Are you an industrial company with flexible loads and are you interested in valuing your flexibility?
  • Are you an energy trader or broker interested in developing bilateral swaps?

What we offer

Electricity Trading

We provide Energy Producers, production and/or consumption Consortia, non-integrated Energy Operators with asset & portfolio management services. The activities include the management of the ancillary infeed power contract and purchase on behalf of the customer, the physical appointment on the IPEX/PCE/MTE (Italian Power Exchange/OTC Registration Platform/Forward Electricity Market) through the systems set up by GME, including the management and arrangement for adjustments and arbitrage operations, the monthly report relating to the economic outcome of operations carried out on the IPEX and PCE platforms as well as the verification of economic debit/credit transactions with the commercial counterparties.

Natural gas trading and supply

We operate on the Italian gas market and across the main European hubs, acting as wholesalers and suppliers of gas to end users and offering several flexible options.

We enhance the profitability of plants by providing their owners with the opportunity to buy gas and/or sell energy on the new Dispatching Services Market.

Ancillary and Balancing Services

Leveraging on our portfolio of managed plants, we are among the main service providers on the new Ancillary Services Market (ASM), recently opened to all power generation and consumption operators. We work as an energy aggregator of delivery or infeed points with the Virtual Power Plant model and we work on the ASM market by taking advantage of the flexibility offered by our portfolio plants.

How we work

Our market experience gained over more than ten years, our timely and effective oversight across all platforms (spot markets, forward, futures…) and our financial strength mean we can guarantee clients a competitive offering, rigorous risk management, maximum contract transparency, and punctual payment.